How to filter by rate and room types


You have the ability when setting up a widget, or when viewing a dashboard, to filter the rate data by specific keywords that are found either within the rate description, room description, or both.

Filtering "on the fly"

When viewing a widget on a dashboard, if there is any rate shop data in the widget you will see a dollar icon in the upper right area of the widget.

When you click this icon, you can change many of the rate options for the widget.

These changes are not stored in the dashboard's settings, which is why we call it changing the view "on the fly".

You can then enter a keyword inside the Rate Plan and Room Type fields. This will filter all the rate results to only include prices where that keyword is found somewhere within the description.

As an example, let's demonstrate how you might want to filter for rates that include breakfast.


In the example, we have used the keyword "break". We didn't use the full word "breakfast" just to help make sure we don't filter out rates where the hotel might have abbreviated the word.

The filter is not case-sensitive.

We can see our rate plot in this example has updated to only show values with the word "break" in the rate plan description:

The same process should be taken if you wanted to filter by a keyword found within the room description. One example could be to filter by the word "king" or "suite" inside the Room Type field.

Hard coding a filter

If you always want a widget to be filtered by a specific keyword, you can edit the Metric when you view the Edit Dashboard page.

When viewing a dashboard, click the Edit icon next to the dashboard name (this will only show if you own this dashboard).

You can also get to the edit dashboard form through the Dashboard List. For an overview of features on the dashboard list, check out this article: Viewing Dashboards Overview

You'll want to find the Widget where you want to hard code the room or rate keyword filter, then find the Metric within the Widget to update settings:

In the Metric settings, find the Rate Plan and Room Type input boxes. This is where you can enter the keyword, just like you did using the "on the fly" button.

Once you enter the keywords, scroll all the way to the bottom to save your Dashboard with it's new settings.


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