Eventful Error Reporting


The following information came from Daniel on how we handle reporting of errors on Eventful's site:

Hey team,

So we need to put a process in place to handle issues from our customers with regards to the event data. As you have probably seen, even though its not our data we are being held responsible for it. :)
I blind copied you all on two tickets I just submitted. All you have to do when you have identified any type of data quality issues is send an email to customerservice@eventful.com and provide them a link to the event or venue that is causing the issue.
For example, the two tickets I just sent them were caused by the venue having the wrong address. So it wasn’t an issue with the event itself, but with the venue it was attached with.
So when we get submission, lets do this:
  1. Respond to the customer and thank them for letting us know. Tell them you are going to send this to the Data Quality team at Eventful.com To help put their minds at ease I would also mention that Eventful has generally been quick and friendly with their response.
  2. Add a tag to the ticket “event_data”
  3. Place the ticket on hold
  4. Send the email to Eventful
  5. You should get an auto response from their own Zendesk system right away. Copy their link to the ticket into our own ticket.
Just make sure you set a reminder to follow up on the ticket; but with Eventful using zendesk too I am optimistic they will be good to respond.
Perhaps sometime down the road we can talk to Eventful about linking our two accounts. Its a feature that allows us to send tickets direct into their zendesk….just makes things easier for two teams to work together from outside organizations.
Let me know any questions.

Daniel Wise
President, Revcaster
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