New feature for On-Demand Customers: How to CREATE New Comp sets


You will need to be logged into your Revcaster account to access these On-Demand Features.

Once logged in, you will see a screen like below, please click on




Clicking on "On-Demand" will direct you to a screen like this:

To run a report for a new hotel, click +Add New Competitor.

This will take you to the below screen, where you will need to use the drop down menus to select options from the highlighted fields.

Field 1 is choosing the primary property to shop. Type in the name or key words from the Name of your hotel to bring up choices.

Field 3 is selecting the correct District or Country where the primary property is located.

Field 4 needs to be your Hotel Group so that the report will be displayed under your login for viewing.

Once you have completed these fields, please click Create.

Clicking Create will direct you to the below screen where you can add comp set hotels to shop on the report should you wish.


You can type in a hotel name, a city, country etc in the blank search field. This will bring up a list of hotels to choose from. By clicking on a hotel name you can add it to the comp set as shown below:


Remember to click on SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the screen to add the selected hotels to the comp set.


For instructions on how to run the On-Demand shops for this newly created comp set please see this article:



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