Filtering By Room Categories


The Room Categories Tool was designed to give clients fine grained control over their parity page. It allows clients to filter the Channels tab rates by room type category.

You must be signed in to your Revcaster account to setup this feature.

First, you can set up this new feature by clicking on Modify Competitor Set on the Overview Tab of the report:

Scroll to Room Categories and click Edit Room Categories:

This will open a screen where you can name your different Room Categories. You may change these names to anything you want. We suggest names that mirror the room descriptions listed on the bottom of the page(under room descriptions).

Once you have named the categories you wish to use, click submit to save these changes and the next screen will then automatically open.  IF it does not, then click Skip to step two:


Using the drop down menu you can assign a room category to each room type you offer. Click submit once you are done and this will save your changes:

Now you may view your report by Room Categories on your Channels Tab:



When clicking on a rate on the rate grid there will also be a new column labeling which Room Category the rate falls under:



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