Setting the Comp Set Order of Hotels on Reports


Revcaster has introduced a new feature to help make our reports even more user friendly!

Now you can re-arrange and set the Comp Set order of your reports any time you want without having to go through support.

In order to set the comp set order for your reports, you must login to your Revcaster account.

Please click “Modify CompSet” on the Overview tab of the report and scroll down to item #3: Hotel Order

If the hotels all say 1, then there is not currently a set order for your hotels and it will just continue to use our default ordering system.

To change the order, place a 1 next to the hotel you would like to see displayed first on the rate grid (immediately after the client hotel), a 2 after the second hotel to be displayed on the rate grid, and so on until each hotel has a numerical order like so:

After setting the numerical order please scroll down and click save to keep these changes.

You may re-order the comp set as often as you like and whenever it is convenient for you.


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