Vendor Rate Grid API


Please note we are on version 1 of the Vendor Rate Grid API. Previous versions will not be maintained but are still operational.

The Vendor API is designed to provide all rate and room type details for an entire report.

The API URL is: /api/1/vendor/report/REPORT_ID/VENDOR_API_KEY

You can view a live demo here.

Available options included for the Vendor API are listed below.

offset (optional, default is 0): Use this variable to pull in past reports. Offset is an integer and represents how many days into the past to find a report. It will find the data set with the date closest to Today - the offset in days.

Channel Options

All are optional. If you do not submit a channel_type or branded, then all channels available in the report will be used. This is similar to the "Any Channel" option in our online rate grid.


A list of channel names (as of Jan 7th, 2015) can be downloaded here. Not all channels are necessarily active or available in your report.

You can also use the keywords branded or brandedplus as the channelname.

Rate Type Options

All are optional. If you do not submit rate options, then all rate types in the report will be used.

A note about rates: A rate record has two boolean columns; restricted and qualified. In the API you use a combination of true, false or nil to determine which rates you want to import.

To get all rates:

Leave restricted and qualified blank

Any Non-Qualified:


Only unrestricted rates:


Unrestricted, Non-Qualified:



Restricted, Non-Qualified:



Results should look like the following:

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