Rate Grid API


The API returns an XML version of the Rate Grid report.

The Revcaster API is just a simple GET request. There are 5 variables that go into the API url:

  • API Key: This is a unique id that acts as a password for a User. There is one API per Primary User in Revcaster.
  • Report ID: This is an integer that is the ID number for a specific report. There can and are multiple Reports attached to a Comp Set. Examples are:
    • Report 1: 30 Day Shop, 1 LOS, runs weekly on MWF
    • Report 2: 10 day shop, 1 LOS, runs weekly on TTH
    • Report 3: 330 day shop, 1 LOS, runs every 13 weeks on a Sunday (i.e. quarterly)
  • Channel: You can filter the XML/grid by channel (i.e. website).
    • branded
    • Any Channel (leave channel blank)
    • Channel name all lowercase
  • Rate Type: This is a string that determines which rate types to display in the grid/XML
    • Unrestricted: The lowest rate that has no restrictions. Typically this is a hotels BAR/RACK rate
    • Qualified: The lowest rate that requires a membership. Examples are AAA, Senior
    • Non-Qualified: The lowest, non-qualified rate, regardless if it has a restriction. Examples are Advance Purchase, or the BW Internet Only rate
  • offset (optional, default is 0): Use this variable to pull in past reports. Offset is an integer and represents how many days into the past to find a report. It will find the data set with the date closest to Today - the offset in days.

The URL is composed as follows (variables highlighted in bold):


You can view a live demo here.

This request will return an XML document representing the data from the Rate Grid from the most recent report ran for that API/Report ID combination; filtered by the channel and rate type parameters.

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