Vendor Report ID API


The Report ID API will return the Report ID (also noted as layer_id) and User API of the most recently ran rate report for the Comp Set requested.

You simply supply your Vendor API and the Comp Set ID.

Here is the structure of the URL:

Vendor API: This is your user (standard or Corporate) that has been authorized to access Vendor API's. You will need to request access by contacting Support.

COMPSET_ID: Is visible in the API Info tab. Follow these instructions to find your API information. The comp set ID in the example screenshot is 4241.

You can see a live demo here.

Which should return:

If a Report has not ran today, the result will be a missing layer id.

If you send an invalid comp set id you will get a message like this:

If the comp set is not authorized for use by your Vendor API, you will get an invalid API error:

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