Rate Types Defined


Rates on the Rate Grid can be filtered by three different filters:

Unrestricted rates are those anyone can qualify for and there are no restrictions. This is typically your Rack or BAR rate.

Any Non-Qualified rates are those that anyone can qualify for but it might have restrictions. A common Example would be the Advanced Purchase rate.

Qualified rates are those that require membership, such as AAA, AARP, Government 


Revcaster is "taught" keywords to help the system know how to flag a particular rate. If it is a new rate that the system has not "learned" before we can go in and add new keywords to help "teach" it to recognize what this type of rate should be flagged as in the future. 

If you discover a rate that Revcaster is not flagging correctly, please email support@revcaster.com and we will be happy to change the way we are flagging the rate.


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