Alert Types


Availability Alerts (!)

The (!) next to a rate is part of a feature we released called Availability Alerts.

The Availability Alerts will notify you when a rate is newly available or newly unavailable since that report ID was last ran.

For Example the Wednesday 30 day report generates these alerts from the changes since the Monday 30 day report.


Parity Alerts

The Parity Alerts let you know when at least one of the channels does not match the other.

You can go to the Channels tab (last tab on the report) to see which dates are out of parity.

The Channel tab is color coded to help you see at a glance if there are any parity issues.

If the line is green, then you are in parity.

If the rates are in blue, you are out of parity, but the Branded site is favored.

If the rates are yellow, you are out of parity by less than $1.

If the rates are red, that will alert you that you are out of parity and the brand is not the lowest rate.

The parity alerts were designed to help you spot check your report to see if there are any issues. They may say you are out of parity, but chances are after a quick double check you will find that it was only an inventory issue.


Rate Change Alerts

The up and down arrows are part of a feature we released called rate change alerts.

The arrows point up if a rate has increased since the last report ran and they point down if a rate has decreased.

If you hover your mouse over the Rate change alerts, the “▲” and “▼” symbols, it will show you how much the rate has increased or decreased and on which channel the change occurred.


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