Index Tab Information Sheet



  1. We calculate your hotel’s Rate Index for each day; your lowest Unrestricted rate for the day, and dividing by the average of your competitors.
    1. Example. If your lowest unrestricted rate is $89.99 and the average rate of your comp set is $109.99, than your Rate Index would be 89.99 / 109.99 = 81.81
    2. A Rate Index below 100 (Red) means your BAR is below the average comp set BAR.
  2. A Rate Index above 100 (Green) means your BAR is above the average comp set BAR.
  3. The rate in the lower-left corner is the lowest rate we found in your comp set.
  4. The rate in the lower-right corner is the highest rate we found in your comp set.
  5. The Index also displays days where we found no availability for your hotel during our shopping.


UPDATE:  The Index was recently updated to include two extra numbers. 


1. The rate in the top-left corner is the Client hotels BAR rate from that date.

2. The rate in the top-right corner is the comp sets average BAR rate for that date.


Also, here's another new number:


It means the index has dropped since last time. We calculate changes in index, but it doesn't seem to happen very often.


You can also remove competitors from the Index Comparison by deselecting hotels. Simply uncheck the box next to any hotel you wish to exclude from the calculations and then click update.




 Note the changes after clicking update:




1. The Client Bar number in upper left hand corner will not change when deselecting properties.

2. The Comp Set Average bar number in upper right hand corner will change when deselecting properties. This is because the missing hotels are no longer calculated into the average.

3 & 4. The bottom two numbers represent the highest and the lowest rate in your comp set on a specific date. These two numbers will only change if you remove those hotels from those selected. 

5. The large number in the center is the index which tells you how much your hotel’s BAR deviates from your competitor's average BAR. This number will change when deselecting since the comp set average has changed.




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