Index Tab Information Sheet



  1. We calculate your hotel’s Rate Index for each day; your lowest lowest Unrestricted rate for the day, and dividing by the average of your competitors.
    1. Example. If your lowest unrestricted rate is $89.99 and the average rate of your comp set is $109.99, than your Rate Index would be 89.99 / 109.99 = 81.81
    2. A Rate Index below 100 (Red) means your BAR is below the average comp set BAR.
  2. A Rate Index above 100 (Green) means your BAR is above the average comp set BAR.
  3. The rate in the lower-left corner is the lowest rate we found in your comp set.
  4. The rate in the lower-right corner is the highest rate we found in your comp set.
  5. The Index also displays days where we found no availability for your hotel during our shopping.


UPDATE:  The Index was recently updated to include two extra numbers. 


1. The rate in the top-left corner is the Client hotels BAR rate from that date.

2. The rate in the top-right corner is the comp sets average BAR rate for that date.


Also, here's another new number:


It means the index has dropped since last time. We calculate changes in index, but it doesn't seem to happen very often.






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