Filtering and Weights


You can assign a weight to each competitor; this value is a percent between 0% and 100%. The weighting is utilized when the program calculates the rate index. The rate index is at its foundation a weighted average of each competitors' price compared to yours.

To access and save the weights for your report, you must be logged in to your Revcaster account.

After you log in; from the Overview tab of your report click the Modify Comp Set button:

On the next screen, scroll down to the second section where you will see each hotel in your comp set, along with a slider to select the weight percentage. The default value is 100%.

After making changes to the sliders, be sure to click Save Changes which can be found at the bottom of the page:


On the Rate Index tab, you can filter what hotels are utilized in the index calculation.

Near the bottom of the report tab you will find check boxes for each hotel in your comp set. You can remove the check from a hotel to keep their rate from being used in the index. After you have made your selections, be sure to click the Update button recalculate the rate indices.

Note: your check box selections will not be remembered if you change months/tabs or refresh the page.

If you would like to have a more permanent selection in place for your index calculations you will want to utilize the Weighting option for your comp set.

By setting the weight of a competitor to 0% that hotel will no longer be utilized in the index calculations on a "permanent" basis.

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