Problems with Internet Explorer


Options when Internet Explorer won't work with Revcaster

  1. When viewing your report, in the address bar there is a Compatibility View button you can click (highlighted by the red arrow in the screen shot below).
  2. You can also install an Internet Explorer add-in called Chrome Frame. This gives you the benefits of Google Chrome (a great browser) but still lets you use IE. A green bar will appear (orange arrow in the screen shot) if you can install the add-in
  3. If you are able to install new programs, we highly recommend adding the Google Chrome browser or Firefox browser to your computer. Both are free and very fast and work great with Revcaster.
    1. Get Google Chrome
    2. Get Firefox here
  4. One last option would be to test from a different computer and from a different internet connection. Sometimes work computers have security settings set so high that they block a user from accessing functions found on the internet.


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