Rate Types Defined


Rate Grid

The Rate Grid tab of your report will display the lowest rate for each hotel and check-in date that matches the Channel and Rate Type choices from the drop down box.

In the Rate Grid on your report you have the option to filter the results by 3 different rate types:

  • Unrestricted
  • Any Non-Qualified
  • Qualified


We define an unrestricted rate as a rate plan that any customer is allowed to book. This rate plan cannot have any fences or restrictions on it either. A common example would be a hotel's Rack or BAR rate.

Any Non-Qualified

These are rate plans that any customer is allowed to book. The rate plan may have a restriction or fence attached to it. A common example would be Advance Purchase rates that require a customer to prepay for the entire stay upfront. If a rate is non-refundable that would make it a restricted rate as well.

These rates are not required to have a restriction, so Rack or BAR could also display when filtering by this Rate Type.


A qualified rate is any plan that requires a customer to belong to a specific group or membership organization. Common examples would be Senior Discounts, Automobile Club discounts or Government rates.

How it works

In order to properly flag a rate as restricted or qualified Revcaster maintains a list of keywords to help identify the rate type. If you ever notice a rate plan is not being flagged properly there is a chance Revcaster has never been trained for this rate plan. Please email support@revcaster.com with the specific rate and we will make sure to update our keyword list as well as update your current report for you.

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