How to Run an On-Demand report


To run an On-Demand report you need to be logged into to your Revcaster account, and be an On-Demand subscriber.

Once logged in, click “On-Demand Shop” located at the top of the page.



Locate the hotel you wish to run the shop for and click “Options”, on the right hand side of the screen.



Click “Create your own report for....”


Select the shop options you wish to use for this report, such as LOS and number of days shopped.


If you would like this report to run automatically please click the box next to “This layer should run automatically.” Please also select whether you want it to run weekly or monthly, and how frequent.



To limit the channels shopped please uncheck the boxes listed under “Shopped Websites.” If you only wish to shop branded channels, then uncheck all boxes except branded.



If you wish to run the report for future dates please remember to check the boxes next to “Use first arrival date” and to enter the date you wish to begin the shop.


You will still need to change the number of days shopped when using the force first arrival date. If you do not change the number of days shopped then it will default to a 7 day shop.

When you have made all of your selections please click “Save Report Options” so that all of your specifications will be saved for this report.

If you do not click Save your selections will not be saved and the default 7 day report will run instead.




After the page has finished reloading, then click “Run this Report.”



After you have ran the report there should be a pop-up at the top of the screen that lets you know that you will receive an email when the report is ready OR you may "Click here now to view report". If you click on these words it will take you immediately to the report that you have just ran.



We suggest opening that link in a new browser and then refreshing the Overview tab while it finishes shopping. One thing to point out is the percentage complete will rarely hit a true 100% because some hotels may be unavailable or have stay restrictions, etc. Please give an on-demand shop approximately 30 minutes and if the percent complete doesn't change after refreshing a couple times then the shopping is most likely done.



In order to run a second report and not override the first you will need to scroll to the bottom of the On-Demand page and click "create a new option group" and create a NEW report ID. 


You can then set this new report layer up with the settings you wish to use for the next report.

Then, make sure that you click the "Run This report" button that is associated with that new layer so that report will run.



If you have any questions please contact Revcaster Customer Support at

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