Real Time Rates From Expedia (beta)


The Reshop Expedia button, found on both the Overview and Rate Grid tabs, allow a user to reshop all the Expedia rates for the report they are currently viewing.

The button will only be visible to a user who is already logged into the system.

The feature is only enabled for reports that are from the current day. It will not be an option when viewing old reports. We haven't invented time travel (yet), so trying to refresh an older report just won't be possible without a DeLorean and crazy scientist.

How It Works

From either the Overview tab, or the Rate Grid tab, click the Reshop Expedia button.

The system will then delete all Expedia rates for your report, and send a fresh batch of shop requests to our real time rate shopping queue.


When the page reloads, it will show you how many jobs remain in the real time rate shopping queue for your report.


Generally, your jobs will complete in a matter of seconds.

Refresh your page to see an updated job count. When all jobs are complete, the button will display "Reshop Expedia" again.

You can verify the fresh rates by going to your rate grid, filtered to view Expedia rates.

Click any of the rates for the detail popup window to appear, where you can see the age of the rates.


A video guide that covers real time rates from Expedia, along with several other features found on the Overview tab, can be found in our other article.


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